Dustbin Create A Better Life For Us

Dustbin, in other words, it is the container for stacking garbage. As far as I know, there are many kinds of the dustbin, and different dustbins have different functions. For example, an outdoor dustbin is usually made of materials such as metal. The reason why they are made of materials such as metal is that the materials such as metal have high heat resistance, such as the temperature in hot summer. Even people dare not stay outside in the high temperature, while the metal garbage cans are not the same. The high temperature outside does not exceed the temperature it can bear. In addition, public garbage can also isolate people from the bad smell, not to release the carbon dioxide gas of environmental pollution and so on.

There is also a garbage can with a lid on it. The first is to prevent the smell of garbage from being released into the air. The second is to reflect the rapid development of human civilization.

There is also a common plastic garbage can, but this is not the plastic that people usually see, but an environmentally friendly plastic material. This material degrades faster, and in the process of degradation, it will not release toxic gases to pollute the environment and destroy the laws and breath of nature. Now there is a colorful trash bin on the market. This kind of colorful garbage can refract the light by using the color of its surface, so as to avoid the pollution of light to the garbage and the degradation of chemical reaction, which is also a kind of embodiment and spread of social culture subjectively.

The invention of the environmental protection dustbin has confirmed the rapid development of modern science and technology, and we believe that in the near future, our living environment will have an unexpected great change.

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